Chopard Engagement Rings are Known to be Unique and Timeless

Chopard Engagement Rings

The Geneva-based company Chopard is well known for producing very unique engagement rings and related jewelry that is at once eccentric, classic, and timeless. If you are trying to find an engagement ring for a woman who is full of fire and independence, think Chopard.

Chopard was founded in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard. His company soon created for itself a reputation for utterly amazing gold pocket watches that become renowned for their delicate, intricate mechanics. Once established in this realm, the company expanded into making jewelry, and today it is known for its very high quality and highly unique engagement rings which are as much great works of art as the gold pocket watches were. "Chopard" is a name that has become synonymous with grace and beauty, as well as taste and class; the media and wealthy celebrities have furthered this image. Chopard rings are only sold through their boutiques or authorized retailers.

These unique artworks include:

*Modern geometric styles featuring oversized shapes as well as illusion-set floating diamonds--often these are reminiscent of art deco.

*Pave or simple setting solitaires which may come in the shape of the emerald cut, marquise cut, round cut, princess cut or heart shape rings to go along with a number of different settings including pronged, channeled, bezel, and flush settings

*One of a kind designs which show off a floating diamond in-set within a colored gemstone. The Chopard dual hearts design is a fine example.

*Signature rings including metallic "happy rings" that are great as right-hand rings for independent-spirited women and "ice block" rings featuring clustered diamonds and thick metals.

Full Chopard branches, where their rings are created, can be found throughout the world and are prominent in the United States (New York Las Vegas, Palm Beach), Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. The specialized boutiques can be found in these locations as well as in the Bahamas, China, Egypt, Kuwait, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. In addition, there is a Chopard's aboard the luxury ocean liner "Queen Mary II".

Now, the fact of the matter is, if you are looking for an engagement ring on a relatively tight budget, you have to forget bout Chopard. Their rings don't come cheap--the engagement rings START at approximately $3000. You have to be a lover of, and able to afford, the exquisite, unique, and artistic things in life to shop at Chopard. But if you feel that you can afford it and you want to make your feisty female feel appreciated for her own uniqueness, don't hesitate to go to Chopard's.

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