Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring Website to Buy From? Stick to the GIA Or EGL Report

Choosing an honest, reputable online jeweler to buy your loose diamond or engagement ring from, isn't easy. There are thousands of stores to choose from and a lot of information on the net. The big engagement ring websites that are seen everywhere on the web aren't always the best choice. This article will help enlighten shoppers to a couple of things you need to know when you choose your online diamond engagement ring supplier.

Just because it's a big, successful company doesn't always mean its the best choice to do business with. For example, there is an online diamond retailer that I will certainly not name but they actually apply their own cut grade to their loose diamonds, that can be very deceiving to a shopper. Shoppers should only refer to the diamond's "cut" grade as it is shown on an official GIA or EGL grading report. Many in the industry will agree with me when I say that the diamonds "cut" grade is the most important one of the four c's and it has a tremendous affect on the price or value. Another instance to help those shopping for a loose diamond online was actually told to me by one of my customers. He was shopping online and was surprised by how low some loose diamond prices were at a few of the top engagement ring websites. However, as he looked closer to the diamond gradings on the GIA and EGL reports, he noticed the diamonds had what is known as fluorescence. Please note, a diamond with fluorescence will usually be cheaper than one of the same quality, without fluorescence.

When you are buying a diamond engagement ring, the best thing to do is some research online, the best place to start is GIA's(Gemological Institute of America) website. A diamond engagement ring purchase is just as important as a real estate purchase, some will certainly say even more important. Make sure you grasp the basic understanding of the four c's and their relationship to value, an understanding of fluorescence and an understanding of the GIA, EGL or AGS grading reports that accompany high quality loose diamonds.

--Another random tip is to make sure the diamond engagement ring website you choose to purchase from has a well written diamond and engagement ring guidance section. If you can't learn everything you need to know at their website than it's probably not a good website to purchase your special diamond engagement ring.

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