Celtic Engagement Rings

Celtic Engagement Rings: Of all the different designs of engagement rings the Celtic style has perhaps the most symbolism. Symbolically all engagement rings have been worn on the 3rd finger, on the left hand. This is because in history it was thought that if you followed the left third finger up through the arm, it gave the most direct route to the heart, the ultimate symbol of love. Why Celtic engagements rings? Quite simply because you are able to incorporate designs into the ring that has significant symbolism for the engaged couple!

The Celts were people originally located throughout the British Isles, eastern and central Europe, notably they were non Christians. As the Roman Empire descended upon the British Isles, the Celts were isolated to areas such as Scotland, Northern Southern England (Cornwall) and Wales. Originally, Celtic engagements rings were forged by Irish monks in the 6th and 7th century, who were attempting to convert these “pagans” to Christianity. Celtic along with Claddagh engagement rings designs are common Irish Engagement Rings. The intrinsic belief system of the Celts taught that all life was interconnected and the knot design of the Celtic engagement ring reflects this. Celtic knots also represent infinity; there is no beginning and no end in the knot. Celtic engagements rings are found in many designs and although the Celts left very little of their culture behind in writing and much of the meaning of these designs have been lost to history, a great deal of historical artwork was left behind. The specific meanings of knots varied from tribe to tribe, effectively family symbols may be worked into the design of the rings and this in itself has great meaning.

Stones may be incorporated into the elaborate knot work with diamonds and emeralds being the most popular. Celtic engagement rings are manufactured in all precious metals, from silver, gold, white gold, titanium, bronze and platinum. Two tones are very popular as this enhances the intricate detail of the ring. Other designs incorporated into Celtic engagements rings include Celtic crosses and pentacles. The pentacle has often been associated with the dark arts; however it actually represents the five elements of life, earth, fire, water, air and spirit, encircled by a circle of unending life. Incorporating a pentacle is integral for Celtic engagement rings and symbolically mirrors the stages of a couples’ relationship.

Celtic engagements rings have increasingly gained in popularity since the 1990’s and rightly so, these beautiful rings have the ability to incorporate symbols of eternal love and many of the designs were thought to have the ability to ward off evil spirits. The Celtic engagement ring is able to reflect your intimate love and passion for one another unlike many more modern designs and the mystique they evoke is bound to be a significant factor in your future relationship together. Every strand, knot, pentagram, symbol, Celtic cross and family or personal symbol represents something really worthwhile and meaningful. These rings are popular with both women and men as wedding bands or engagement rings and are easily matches or customized by many jewelry manufacturers. Out of all other designs of engagement ring the Celtic style is definitely laced with the most meaning.

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