Cathedral Settings are The Most Romantic of the Settings Available for Diamonds

Cathedral settings for engagement rings are the most romantic of the settings available for diamonds. The main diamond is displayed gorgeously and placed firmly between the bands that go out from both sides protecting the diamond. These setting works wonders for both formal and casual events alike.

The Cathedral setting is designed much like a cathedral in a church. The grace and elegance of the arches is mimicked with this ring and the central diamond or gemstone is the focal point. There are also some variations to this setting that are quite exquisite.

There are different degrees to the arch with very small arches to dramatic curves framing the high setting and can be either convex or concave in the shape of the curve. The edges can be rounded, square or tapered to both length and point of arches. The band or the size of stone used can be suited to the various widths of the arch. The arches can be set between the prongs holding the focal gem but do not have to be; the band can be solid or split at the arches. No matter the design the important thing is that the cathedral settings for engagement rings posses these arches.

There are numerous features that can be utilized with a cathedral ring setting which makes them a popular chose when customizing a ring.

There is the use of pave settings where the stones accentuate the arches. There can be engravings done on the side of the arch to make them more personalized. The side of the arch can have additional stones set into it to add to the appearance. There are several settings that can be used to hold the focal stone. These are four to six prong, tension mount engagement rings and bezel settings; diamond ring wraps, enhancers or guards can be added to enhance a simple diamond solitaire ring if you wish.

There are various stone shapes that can be used in the set of the ring. Round diamonds are the most popular shape for diamonds in the cathedral setting due to it going with the classic romantic ideas of the diamond engagement ring. Unique cuts such as the princess and marquise can be used. There are couples that chose to design their cathedral setting engagement ring themselves. The setting can be altered to coordinate with the stones used in the ring.

When deciding on whether or not to use a cathedral setting for engagement rings there are some pros and cons to be taken into consideration.

The benefits are that the arch gives protection to the stone especially if the arch goes to the stone’s table or girdle. The arch gives additional height and makes the ring more distinctive than going through the expense of adding numerous stones to accent it. The actual stone can look bigger due to the arch drawing attention to it; this is beneficial for those with smaller stones.

There are some drawbacks to the cathedral settings for engagement rings. Due to open arches there is some difficulty with cleaning and the tiny crevices need special attention to avoid dirt caking them up. The ring can be easily snagged due to the high arches and it may not be good to use with a larger stone or with multiple stones.

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