Carrie Underwood’s Engagement Ring is Truly Stunning!

Carrie Underwood rose to prominence as the winner of American Idol in 2005, but recently it has been Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring – not her voice – that has been gaining massive attention.


What is Carrie Underwood’s Engagement Ring Like?

Carrie Underwood was already a household name, even before her high profile engagement to the Ottawa Predators’ hockey player, Mike Fisher. Not only was the country excited at the prospect of another all-star celebrity wedding, but the country was also excited to see the Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring, which gained all round praise for its beauty and understated design – something that many celebrities don’t seem to go for these days. The praise should really go to Fisher though, as he was the one who would have had to pick it out for her!

The main feature of the ring is the large yellow diamond that can be found in the center, which looks both luxurious and elegant at the same time. Although it does look slightly large on her small finger, it still doesn’t look ridiculous and is by no means something that she should be embarrassed of! As well as this 5-carat diamond though, Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring also contains a number of diamond side stones, which all further add to not only the beauty, but the price as well! In fact, it is estimated that her ring cost about $150,000, which is a lot even in the world of the celebrity, although I’m sure that Fisher won’t go bankrupt because of it! Much of this cost comes from the fact that the ring was designed by Johnathon Arndt, who is one of the most successful jewelry designers in the world at the moment.

Why Johnathon Arndt?

Mike Fisher seems to have made quite a shrewd move when buying Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring from Johnathon Arndt, because he would have already known that Carrie Underwood was a fan of this designer. This can be seen thanks to the huge amount of different pieces of jewelry she has worn from him, such as the 28-carat diamond necklace worn at the CMA Awards, and the earrings she wore at the 2009 Grammys. Knowing this, then it seems that Fisher couldn’t really go wrong when choosing Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring from this designer!

Is it Worth the Money Paid?

This might seem like quite a crass question, but it is surely something that everyone wants to know! The answer is quite simple, in that all indications point towards the $150,000 price tag in fact being a very good one. When it is considered that Underwood has a long working relationship with Johnathon Arndt, then the price was probably slightly reduced as well!

There are two reasons why the price paid for this Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring was so good, and the first is because the yellow diamond in the middle is a highly sought after stone. This means that they don’t come cheap and that they were, in fact, lucky to be able to find one at this price. The other reason is the name attached to the ring, due to the fact that anything Johnathon Arndt usually makes sells for a lot more than the $150,000 that they paid!