Canary Yellow Engagement Rings are Popular Amongst Celebrities and Modern Couples Alike

While diamonds with a slight yellowish hue are not considered desirable, those with a natural intense yellow color are actually becoming quite valuable. Only 1 in 1,000 diamonds are classified as canary yellow. The yellow color is believed to be due to the presence of nitrogen atoms when the diamond is formed. Diamonds can also undergo a process called irridiation or high pressure/high temperature treaments in order to give them a yellow hue.

One of the most famous canary yellow engagement rings was worn by Paris Hilton. The emerald cut ring weighed in at a hefty 24 carats. Regular couples today are also selecting canary yellow stones for their engagement rings. Check out this video of Paris Hilton flashing her beautiful canary yellow engagement ring.

Yellow diamonds are more expensive than their white counterparts, and the intensity of the color factors into this. If couples can't afford a natural yellow diamond as a center-stone there are always alternatives. Smaller yellow diamonds can be used as sidestones or natural yellow gemstones such as yellow sapphires or citrine can be used instead.

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