Britney Spears Engagement Ring : Her Marriages Have Been Short-Lived but Her Gorgeous Diamonds Will Last Forever

As soon as I learned she was engaged to K-Fed, I wanted to know all about Britney Spears engagement ring. Yes, I'm slightly pathetic when it comes to celebrity gossip. And as soon as I found out she was divorcing him, I needed to know all the details. I wonder what she'll do with that beautiful ring. Give it back to him via divorce proceedings? Turn it into a pendant? Flush it down the toilet? Now that I think about, I'm sure her pre-nup, which I heard is iron-clad, has specified her as the ring's ultimate owner.

Britney and Kevin got engaged in June of 2004. Britney was at the tender age of 22 while Kevin was her senior by four years. The proposal took place on an airplane, where she popped the marriage question to him, and he then immediately turned it around and popped the marriage question to her. The couple got hitched in a non-denominational surprise ceremony at a private home in Studio City, California before 20-30 guests.

And actually, there are two engagement rings that were purchased to signify their coming together. It has been rumored that Britney purchased the first engagement ring as Kevin's income and net worth was most likely limited at that point in time. She bought herself a 4 carat diamond in a traditional setting, rumored to cost around $40,000. When she was pregnant with their first son, Sean Preston, Kevin apparently purchased for her, a 5.5 carat, single cushion cut diamond ring in a double-banded, pave setting. Both rings were designed by Cynthia Wolff. The public watched as the ring was off and on and off and on Britney's finger, as their rocky relationship progressed through two years of marriage

If you want a copy of Britney's Spears engagement ring, you're in good company. Apparently it has become one of the most popular celebrity engagement rings to reproduce.

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