Benchmark Wedding Rings Promise Superior Design and Comfort

Benchmark Wedding Rings: After immigrating to the United States in 1972, Turkish immigrant H. Tosyali established The Benchmark jewelry company of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Benchmark rings are considered "elite" engagement and wedding rings. They are typically made from yellow or white gold or platinum, but they also are renowned for their tungsten and titanium bands. Tosyali and Benchmark introduced the "Comfort Fit" benchmark wedding rings: which is a ring with a gently curved interior that fits more gently on the finger without rubbing a sharp edge against it so that it can be worn for years and yet still feel as if it was just put on for the first time. All Benchmark rings or wedding bands also comes with Benchmark's Lifetime Guarantee.

Benchmark is also famed for its mastery of precision-setting technology. A fine display of the diamond or gem as well as a very secure setting for it/them is a hallmark quality of Benchmark.

This guarantee covers any necessary resizing (or a replacement ring if the first one cannot be resized) and any refinishing work.

Benchmark rings might cost anywhere from $100 (if you can find then on super sale) to about $5000.

Benchmark's titanium bands: These typically feature notches, grooves, and inlays to make them more varied and elaborate.

The company's tungsten wedding and engagement rings are on the leading edge of this design technology. You can find these as plain, beveled, and gold-inlaid bands and they may have brushed or polished finishes.

Benchmarks' Classic bands are meant to reflect elegance and simplicity. These are fashioned from platinum, or from yellow or white gold. Some of these design styles feature milgrain edges.

Benchmark’s diamond engagement and wedding rings are renowned for their creativity and innovative designs. A robotic process is used for the maximum possible precision setting. The gamut of diamond cuts are available. These precision settings include channels, scatters, bezels, one-of-a-kind symmetrical settings, waves, and checkerboard patterns. These diamond rings also come as "Eternity rings".

All Benchmark rings come in various widths to fit just about anyone.

Benchmark ringss are sold at independent, licensed jewelry merchants. They can also be found on the Internet. Among the top online merchants of the rings are:

Topazery Federal Way Custom Jewelers,Richard’s Gems and Jewelry,Marshall Granger Jewelers,Bill Barnes,Golden Gallery, Titanium Kay, Jewelry Factory,

Due to the fact that they are designed and made to last forever, including with their signature comfort fit and their lifetime guarantee, Benchmark rings make for perfect symbols of "always and forever."

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