Find Baguette Engagement Rings and Baguette Diamonds that Are Stunninge

Baguette Engagement Rings are set with baguette diamonds which typically look like long rectangles. However, baguette diamonds can actually come in somewhat different shapes. With tapered baguettes, the two long sides taper inward to form a subtle hourglass shape that is often accented by round or oval diamonds. They can also be cut in oblong, asymmetrical shapes for a more modern look.

Baguette sidestones look good with both intricately styled as well as simple bands. Popular center diamonds with baguette side-stones are round or princess cut stones.

Typically baguette diamonds are used on each side of the center diamond and can also be used in pairs. For all of you trivia buffs, the word "baguette" means "rod" in French.

Small baguette diamonds can used in a channel or pave setting to complement large center stones. Baguette diamond rings also be used in engagement ring wedding band sets and they are often the central stones in an interlocking wedding set.

Some consider these sidestones to have an old-fashioned, romantic look without seeming without outdated. However, others feel that the clean lines of these rings also make for a striking, contemporary look as well. From a jeweler's perspective, the baguette is a truly versatile look for the bride of any age.

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