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Ashlee Simpsons Engagement Ring/Ashlee Simpson Wedding Plans: At one time, she was known only as Jessica's younger sister, but today we know her as Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. Married to Fall Out Boyz bassist Pete Wentz. In May of 2008, Simpson-Wentz has had a career full of ups and downs with singing. In April of 2008, the release of her third album called Bittersweet World was centered around Timbaland for better exposure and hopefully better reviews. As an actress, she's well known for her role in 7th heaven from 2002-2004 as Cecilia Smith along with her reality series The Ashlee Simpson Show.

Pete Wentz, on the other hand, has had tons of success in the music industry. The Fall Out Boyz released their fourth album in 2007 titled; Infinity On High. One thing many might not know about Wentz is he writes the majority of the lyrics for FOB's songs. While the group is his mainstay, he also owns the Decaydance Records label. His most notable group currently signed with Decaydance is Panic at the Disco.

Everyone knew the two were engaged in April of 2008 after Pete traded her promise ring in for Ashlee Simpsons engagement ring....a huge, beautiful diamond. The two have tried to keep their relationship private over the last couple years, but the media still finds a way to get the gossip. According to sources, Simpson broke the engagement news to Ryan Seacrest over a phone call while at her mother's apartment in New York.

It seems both Simpson and Wentz felt the engagement should be a short one since they wed only about a month later. Ashlee Simpson wedding to Pete Wentz was beautiful to say the least, and the two brought an "Alice In Wonderland" theme to the occasion. The wedding itself was formal, yet casual. Friends and family gathered for hours before any sort of dancing ever took place. It's still believed the young couple got married due to Simpson being pregnant, but even after the official announcement, it's still just speculation.

So where do they go from here? Simpson-Wentz has already canceled her tour and has no plans of going back anytime soon. Pete Wentz, on the other hand, may have major turmoil with the rest of the Fall Out Boyz members. Sources have said more time with Ashlee could mean the break-up of the band. Only time will tell as to whether this actually happens, but one thing is definitely for sure. If this is the end of FOB, Ashlee will have found more fans that don't like her style.

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