Asha Diamond Rings: Asha Diamond Simulants as Good as the Real Thing.

Asha diamond rings: BetterThanDiamond has managed to create the most realistic diamond stimulant in the world the diamond-infused Asha. Asha diamond simulants are unlike any other due to containing pure carbon diamond bonds in the makeup. Hand cutting and polishing are combined with a process of amorphous diamond infusion to create this amazing simulated diamond. The result of this is a simulated diamond that comes as close to the real thing as possible without the enormous price tag. You get the beauty of a natural diamond for less.

Asha diamond simulants come in a variety of styles in quality settings. These settings can even be used to place a real diamond in due to the feel of them. The setting for rings is done uniquely through a process designed to heat metals.

The Illustrious rings are hand matched for the most beautiful diamond and shank combination with custom parts and a comfort fit so that the experience of the wear matches the unsurpassable beauty.

The Hearts and Arrows cut Asha diamond rings are the latest and hand cut to standards that round diamonds can never reach. The idea of hearts and arrows is that all cuts be aligned perfectly in both size and placement on the ring. Cut is ninety-eight percent of the glamour of any stone and the least understood of the four qualities used in determining ring quality.

The crown or top of the round diamond is what determines the amount of light a ring puts out into the rainbow colors. The bottom or pavilion is what controls the amount of light those looking at the diamond see. This gives it the sparkle. While the average diamond only gives off sixty-eight percent of the light taken into it the hearts and arrow cut gives off up to ninety-eight percent of the light. This gorgeous effect comes from the enormous amount of effort put into making sure that every detail is perfect on the ring. The result is a diamond stimulant that puts the real thing to shame.

A plane round stone will produce a whirl pattern that is not uniform. The cut is not all it should be. With a hearts and arrows cut there will be a crisp pattern that indicates that the stone has been cut perfectly to maximum benefit the light.

The money and effort required are the main reasons that more stones do not have this incredible cut. An ordinary cut only takes about two hours where as a Hearts and Arrows cut will take as few as eight hours or up to several days, and then may not show off the perfect cut required of the Hearts and Arrows pattern.

Asha diamond engagement rings are assembled after they are ordered and can be customized to the specific ring size. Asha diamond simulants will give you a lifetime of joy and beauty. They are the definitive statement of love. No ordinary diamond can match the fire it will light in your heart.

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