Ascher Cut Engagement Rings Are My Favorite

Ascher cut engagement rings were first designed in 1902 by Joseph Asscher, a world-famous diamond cutter. He is known for cutting the largest diamond in history, the Cullinan diamond. Original Asscher diamonds are extremely rare.

The cut is very similar to the emerald cut but has a square shape versus a rectangular shape. The cropped corners and square cut are designed to draw your eyes deep within the diamond. These stones are always set in a four prong setting to prevent them from chipping.

Asscher diamonds were most popular during the Art Deco period when asscher diamond 1920s engagement rings were in vogue. While they are experencing a resurgance in popularity, they are still fairly uncommon. Celebrities have jumped on the ascher cut bandwagon. Reese Witherspoon and Kate Hudson both have beautiful ascher rings.

Ascher cut engagement rings are gorgeous...... and I'm not just saying this because Joel proposed to me with one, I promise.

The pic on the top right of the page is actually of my ascher ring :) I love it!

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