Art Deco Engagement Rings and Art Deco Jewelery : How to Find the Best Pieces

Art Deco Engagement Rings: A world's fair in Paris known as "L'Esposition De Arts Decoratifs" is where art deco jewelry was first seen. The 1920's was a decade of extravagance so it isn't any wonder that this is when the art deco design reached its height of popularity: When the Great Depression hit there were needed changes made. The popularity of the art deco jewelry stayed prevalent until World War two hit the world. The reason behind wanting one of these vintage engagement rings is more than stepping into history. It has to do with the contrast within the ring itself. Today people are going to purchase antique because they allow the couple to express themselves to each other and gives them a unique way to do this.

Art deco engagement rings were in style long before the modern day variations of diamond cuts. Those that like to be different will love these antiques as an accessory to their wardrobe. The variety alone makes them a gorgeous piece to have in your jewelry box.

Both white and yellow gold and even platinum where used in making art deco rings. The key to the this type of ring was the assortment of stones and colors, lending contrast to the design. Rarely are these rings just one stone. A gem is set in the middle and surrounded by stones such as coral, rubies, emeralds and even turquoise to go with the diamonds found in them. Diamonds are not always the center of these ring. It can be any stone you choose, giving you far more choices.

Jewelers can now recreate the art deco engagement rings of the past according to the taste of the couple seeking them. Should you be fortunate enough to find a genuine art deco engagement ring then you should be prepared to pay a nice little sum for it. Even a reproduction of an art deco engagement ring can be costly due to the quality of the stones and the personalization of the design.

Since the setting of the ring can be fragile and there is a danger of stones coming out during the cleaning, precautions must be taken. The guidelines for cleaning your engagement ring should be strictly followed and the stones in the art deco engagement ring should each be individually considered when cleaning.

Due to the fragility of vintage jewelery it should not be kept with the rest of your jewelry. You should have a special place set aside for these rings where they are not in danger of being damaged by other jewelry. When you engage in a great deal of activity it is best to take you art deco jewelry off as they could get damaged.

An art deco engagement ring is more than a fashion statement, it is a piece of precious history that you want to preserve and protect.

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