Many couples prefer unique engagement rings over more traditional styles in order to best symbolize the beginning of a new life together. The feeling is often that since the relationship is uniquely wonderful, so too should be the bling. Unique engagement rings are cool in that they stand out in a crowd and cannot be found in every jewelry store across America.

Finding a unique piece is easier than ever today.......or harder depending on your perspective: there are an infinite number of possibilities. Here are just a few:

Chopard engagement rings: The Geneva-based company Chopard is well known for producing very unique engagement rings and related jewelry that is at once eccentric, classic, and timeless. If you are trying to find an engagement ring for a woman who is full of fire and independence, think Chopard.

Native American engagement rings often incorporate special metals, stones, designs, and symbols to represent various tribal beliefs and philosophies. Authentic Native American jewelry is often specially handcrafted and one of a kind. Find out more about Native American engagement rings

Irish Engagement Rings are popular with those who wish for their ring to represent a loving union as well as reflect cultural heritage. Ireland has a bittersweet history steeped in romanticism. Celtic engagement rings, Claddagh engagement rings, and Emerald engagement rings are symbols of eternal love as well as ongoing connection to the Emerald Isle.

In love with the Hawaiian Islands? (I've never been, but Joel and I are probably taking a trip there in a few months). Some couples show their devotion to this exotic place with hawaiian engagement rings ...I kid you not :)

Ever heard the song "Walk Like an Egyptian" by the Bangles? It came out in the late 80s and has been stuck in my head ever since.......but I digress. Egyptian engagement rings are not for all......and maybe not even for a few... but someone must be buying them because there are a number of online stores which sell egyptian jewelry.

Here is an engagement ring that seem a little wacky: This may be the perfect, unique engagement rings for all you pet owning, animal worshipping, PETA lovers: diamond dolphin engagement rings. Some like real creatures and some prefer mystical ones. Choosing dragon engagement rings would primarily be for couples who go against the grain, such as those who refuse to use "politically correct" language and "love it loud" when it comes to music, although dragons can be loved and worn by anyone. The dragon engagement ring would symbolize not just energetic and fiery passion, but also the confidence and strength of the individuals' personalities--qualities that can make for a strong bond. Check out dragon engagement rings Those who prefer a more delicate and gentle creature may prefer butterfly engagement rings.

Everyone needs to and should be able to openly show love and receive love and the gay community has often been unfairly stifled by society as a whole, in this respect. This is why I have included a section on gay engagement rings and lesbian engagement rings

For those who are captivated with all that is dark and beautiful check out gothic engagement rings

For those of us who are religious and feel as though the big guy upstairs will be a big part of our marriage, check out: christian wedding bands or jewish wedding bands

Mokume gane is a very cool ancient art-form used to develop stunning jewelry pieces

Do you love your Harley Davidson motorcycles? If so, you're likely marrying another rider. Why not turn your passion into the symbol of your passion for each other with a Harley Davidson engagement ring? Be off on your way and hit the open road wearing your double-love on your fingers. Check out Harley Davidson engagement rings.

Do you fantasize about riding off into the sunset with your cowboy on your horses back to your beautiful ranch. If so then western engagement rings may be for you

And finally for the guy who is comfortable with his masculinity and loves to shop (and a little scared if he loves shopping and jewelry even more than you do): engagement rings for men

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