Tacori Brand Engagement Rings are Hot!

Tacori brand engagement rings are known to have an intermix of classic elegance with modern beauty and style. I have seen these rings up close and personal as I have several friends with Tacori engagement rings. I must say that the ones I have come into contact with are very stylish and sparkly. Many women are familiar with the Tacori brand through their massive advertising campaign of engagement rings in bride magazines in such glossy spreads as Cosmopolitan as well as many bridal mags.

The rings are handcrafted at the Tacori headquarters in California and are considered to be fairly high quality. The diamonds in Tacori engagement rings are at least a "G" color and the clarity is "VS" or better. The rings are usually made of platinum with some accentuated with 18-22 karat gold and/or gemstones. The rings are typically sold as "semi-mounts" meaning the side, accent gemstones are set but not the center-stone, allowing you to have significant input over the final appearance of the ring.

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