Palladium Engagement Rings Are Hot!

Palladium engagement rings and wedding bands are increasing in popularity in recent years as more and more big time jewelers endorse it as the metal of the future. Scott Kay engagement rings, a big name in the bling business, is endorsing palladium as one of his preferred metals for engagement rings and wedding bands.

Most people don't realize that palladium is a rare white metal that is pure and natural. Palladium is even whiter in appearance than platinum and is also more sturdy. Palladium is much lighter than platinum, allowing ring designers to maker thicker bands without sacrificing comfort. This is particularly important for those who have labor-intensive jobs or are always using their hands. Also, palladium is purer than white gold, which is actually yellow gold with a rhodium plating. White gold needs continual maintenance (i.e. re-plating) to maintain its appearance, while palladium does not require this level of care. I have a white gold engagement ring and wedding band and let me tell you, it is a pain to get them re-plated. I've already had to do this twice in the last two years. For those with sensitive skin, most rings on the market are using 950 pure palladium, meaning the ring will be 95% palladium. So it is as pure as a platinum ring, thus having great hypoallergenic qualities.

As the prices of gold and platinum continue to rise and may surge in the future, palladium is a more affordable alternative. As of October 25, 2007 an ounce of platinum was selling for $1445, and an ounce of palladium was selling for $336. This makes it the obvious choice for the budget conscious shopper who wants the look of platinum but without the price-tag.

A ring made of palladium is fairly unique as many mainstream jewelers have not yet opted to use this metal in their designs. There are pros and cons to will have a special and different quality to your ring than most brides, yet your choices may be limited in scope, since most stores do not offer palladium or offer a limited selection of rings. However, this may change in the future as it becomes a more common-place metal to use.

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