Inexpensive Engagement Rings That Won't Put You Into Debt

Do inexpensive engagement rings exist or do they all cost an arm and a leg? The first thing most guys want to know is how much they should spend on the eye candy. Here are some interesting factoids:

- According to a study in 2002 by the Conde Nast Bridal Group, publisher of Bride's and Modern Bride, the average cost of an engagement ring is $3,576.

- There is the popularized jewelry industry mantra which dictates spending "two months salary" (no one is sure if this is before or after taxes)

You should spend what you feel comfortable with. Society sends us many confusing messages about love and marriage. They emphasize the timeless and unconditional nature of love whilst simultanteously encouraging us to show the extent of our love by purchasing the biggest diamond we can afford. Just something for you to keep in mind.

The reality is that for some, two months salary is $500 while others pull in $10,000 a month or more. You do not want to blow so much money that you don't have anything leftover for other important expenses such as a down-payment on a house (or groceries for the next week).

(picture of Joel mowing the lawn at our townhouse...we purchased it several months before the's not much too look at but it's ours!)

Whether you purchase an inexpensive engagement ring or one that is more pricey, it is best to have a pre-set ring budget. This way, you may be less tempted to spend more than you can really afford. One thing to consider is that you can always upgrade the ring down the road by adding extra stones, purchasing an additional band, etc.... this has become a very popular thing to do (much to Joel's dismay...and my delight).

Others who have limited funding but still want to purchase regardless may look into loans for engagement rings. Taking out loans for a ring isn't for everyone. For those who are low on cash but don't want to borrow money from Uncle Sam, the next best thing is to look into cutting engagement ring costs and budgeting for an engagement ring

More and more people are turning to diamond alternative engagement rings though and this has been brought about by two main reasons – those of price and looks.

Engagement rings auctions online are essentially a way of bidding against other people for an engagement ring – something that can lead to the price being paid being a lot lower than it would be in the shops.

People are choosing to buy non diamond engagement rings in greater and greater numbers, with the first of these being that they are simply a whole lot cheaper than buying diamonds!

You can buy fake diamond engagement rings for a fraction of the price of real diamond engagement rings and will still provide all of the wow factor that the real thing does.

When searching for the best diamond bargain, here are some factors to consider that will impact the cost:

• Carats- the heavier the stone, the more moolah

• Color- the less of it, the more expensive....except with the case of chocolate diamonds

• Clarity- the more of it, the more expensive. Small inclusions and flaws will bring down the price.

Clarity enhanced diamonds may be a good bargain option for some. The diamonds have increased clarity but are more affordable due to various treatments. Click on the link to find out more about the pros and cons

• Cut- Emerald and princess cuts cost less because they follow the shape of the stone. Heart-shaped, oval, and pear cost more.

• Retail Store, Online stores, or Online Auctions- Online stores can often price their rings at around 30% less than retail stores because they don't have to pay as much overhead.....thus, the savings are typically handed over to the customer. When purchasing online, be sure to review whether proper certification and appraisal information is provided. Make note of the terms of the return policy, should you need to return or exchange the ring. Online auctions such as on ebay can also offer signficant savings although precautions must be taken to avoid being taken advantage of. Click here to read about purchasing ebay used engagement rings. •Ring Setting- Yellow gold, white gold, silver and titanium metals are less expensive than platinum

• Authentic diamond vs. cubic zirconia engagement rings, ziamond engagement rings, diamonique engagement rings, diamond nexus labs engagement rings, asha diamond rings, or moissanite engagement rings I think you know which of these cost the least

• Been to the Big Apple lately? The New York Diamond District has some amazing bargains..........if you know what your doing. Although the NY Diamond District is widely known for having exquisite diamonds at bargain prices, far fewer know about Canadian diamonds.

•There are many beautiful, top quality diamonds to be found in Canada although hunting down the affordable ones is more of a task. Read more about Canadian engagement rings.

•Interested in trying to build your own engagement ring at an online jewelry shop? I highly recommend Blue Nile: Certified Diamonds & Fine Jewelry , where Joel purchased my engagement ring. Click here to find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of getting a ring at an online jewelry shop

•Interestingly enough, two rings that appear fairly similar to the naked eye, can have vastly different prices depending on the quality of the diamond.-- Consider this as you are pulling out your credit card. Check out our top ten list for finding affordable diamond engagement rings

•You may never have the lifestyle of the rich and famous or be able to afford a ring from Cartier, but you can certainly buy reproductions on the cheap. Check out inspired engagement rings

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