Trends in 2011 Engagement Rings

In 2011 engagement rings have once again become hot property, but what are the latest trends and why have they come about?


The Most Popular 2011 Engagement Rings

Trends are always caused by a major event occurring in the world, and there has been no bigger wedding this year – in fact, this generation – than the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Most of the talk was about that dress that she wore – as well as her sister’s – but there was also much talk regarding the engagement ring that Prince William presented to her when he proposed. This sparked a surge in the style of ring used throughout the world, as people wanted to replicate the grandeur of this special occasion.

The ring presented to Kate Middleton by William was a sapphire and diamond ring, which hadn’t previously been a massively popular combination. This has now changed though and of all the 2011 engagement rings, this is by far the most in demand style. Although most people can’t afford the kind of money that royalty can, it seems that they are willing to spend huge sums when it comes to getting the perfect engagement ring! Some people are using their imagination a bit more though, with a number of buyers asking for their ring to be slightly personalized – something that is simple when using sapphire, as it comes in so many different colors.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is also an increasing demand for cheaper engagement rings as well; meaning that stones such as citrine, rubies and tanzanite are all becoming more popular. This is because people have less disposable income and also because people are preferring to spend their money on other items. It seems to be that in 2011 engagement rings will either be incredibly expensive or a lot cheaper than usual, depending on financial circumstances.

The Green Element

In 2011 engagement rings are certainly going to become a lot greener – and by this, I don’t mean that emeralds are going to be used more! What I refer to, of course, is the practice of purchasing rings that have been harvested in an ecologically sound way. This is because people have slowly but surely come round to the idea that we can’t continue to destroy the world at the current rate and that therefore they must take a stand and support those that protect the environment; not those that contribute towards its destruction.

The green element of 2011 engagement rings can also be paired with peoples’ increased desire to buy diamonds from conflict free areas. Everyone knows about the inhumane way in which some diamond mine workers are treated in Africa and the only way to stop this is through refusing to buy their diamonds. People have woken up to the fact that others shouldn’t be exploited just so they can wear a nice stone on their finger!

So, it seems that 2011 engagement rings are going to be dictated by two different factors – celebrity and the world around us. Although these might be polar opposites in many respects, it should mean that in 2011 engagement rings will be more interesting than ever!