Advice when Buying 2 Ct Diamond Engagement Rings

There is no doubt that buying 2 ct diamond engagement rings is a massive decision, therefore meaning that a lot of different questions need to be asked in store.


The Basics About 2 Ct Diamond Engagement Rings

2 ct diamond engagement rings are a massive purchase and often cost upwards of $8000 – therefore they are not bought by a huge amount of people! What they do have that other rings don’t is the ability to turn heads, as light flashes off the diamond and attracts attention from everyone. Worn mostly by women, this type of ring surely is the best symbol of luxury and love that an engaged couple can portray.

Due to their cost, 2 ct diamond engagement rings are only stocked by the best jewelers, although they can often be found online as well. It is hugely important to ask a number of questions before making the purchase though, as buying the incorrect ring could be a hugely expensive mistake to make!

Questions to Ask Before Buying

The first question to ask is obvious, and that is whether the diamond is actually a real one! Not only should you ask this question, but you should also have some information regarding how you can verify this for yourself. Perhaps the easiest way to do so is to look at it under a microscope, which should reveal a number of white dots – dots which aren’t found in fakes. Also look for a white line or any odd refractions, as this could indicate that it has been laser-drilled or fracture filled.

The next question to ask is whether the diamond has been certified – something that every diamond larger than 1 carat should have been. There are a number of different certifications labs, but the most common are the GIA, AGS, IGL, IGI and the EGL-USA. Not only will these labs certify that these diamonds are what they are supposed to be, but they will also place an approximate valuation on the diamond as well. Any 2 ct diamond engagement rings that don’t come with this certification should be avoided at all costs!

A couple of other pertinent questions to ask when buying 2 ct diamond engagement rings are what the clarity grade is and what the color grade is. Obviously the lower the grade in each of these categories, the less money the diamond is worth. This will help you to ascertain whether the price is really correct for the actual diamond being sold.

The final question to ask isn’t with regards to the actual quality of the ring, but instead about the returns policy of the store that it has been purchased from. If you are spending thousands of dollars on an item, you want to know that it is perfect. Therefore it is important that it can be returned under any circumstances within a certain period of time. It is also advisable to make sure that the store offers some kind of insurance with the ring, as it will be an expensive financial pill to swallow if it is lost!